I think were getting


I think we’re getting down to that true last refuge of the scoundrel marrow.

According to the president, those who think he’s created a mess in Iraq which is making us less rather than more secure are “buy[ing] into the enemy’s propaganda.”

Isn’t this what the president’s own intelligence agencies are telling him? I guess they’re buying into the enemy’s propaganda. From what the polls seem to say, more than half the country is buying into the enemy’s propaganda too. Pretty much everybody does, I guess, beside the president and those who sign on to his dogmas.

What’s actually just as revealing is the president’s own argument about the Iraq-Terrorism NIE, which amounts to a sort of covert play for double-or-nothing with the American people.

Pick it apart and the argument is that Iraq’s a disaster which has made us less safe. And if we can’t change it from a disaster to a success it will be even worse than it is now.

So the argument amounts to, Stick to The Incompetent Crew Who Created the Mess!

Give Us Your Vote Because Who Better to Trust Than the Guys Who Created the Mess!

Or Maybe, Vote For Us Because Don’t We Have to do Something Right Eventually!?!

Rolls right off the tongue.