Here at TPM were


Here at TPM we’re putting out more and more material each day. And with the political news world more or less exploding or in meltdown (pick your metaphor), we’ve gotten an increasing number of readers asking if we can come up with some way to distill our best posts and the most important news of the day into a series of easy (and hopefully fun) digestible nuggets that we can send out to get each day started.

So starting next Tuesday we’re going to be debuting the admittedly-none-too-creatively-named TPM Daily Digest.

Every weekday, a little before 9 AM on the East Coast, we’ll send out a short email with a few key nuggets of news and quotes, what we think are some of our best posts from the last 24 hours that you might have missed and articles from the morning’s papers you’ll want to read. Think of it as a quick curtain-raiser for the news of the day and a heads up on what to expect. A primer for the day’s news along with links to some news you might have missed — all packaged together in the TPM style.

For the first four weeks, we’ll obviously be heavily focused on the November election. So we’ll start with a half dozen of what we think are the most important polls released in the past 24 hours, along with key dispatches on races around the country.

We’ll try to make it fun. If you’re interested, just sign up at the little email sign-up form at the top of the TPM post column on the right where it says ‘TPM Daily Digest’.

(pub.note: We respect your privacy. So your email address will never be sold, rented, given away, shared or anything else. It will only be used to send you our daily update.)