This is surprising. We


This is surprising. We were supposed to think that Kirsten Gillibrand’s race against Rep. John Sweeney (R-NY) just hadn’t caught fire and was pretty much done. But CQ has just moved the race into the toss-up category. This is one we’re going to be watching really closely.

For background, see this golden oldie from November 22, 2004 in which mutliple Sweeney constituents try in vain to get an answer out of Sweeney about whether or not he voted for the DeLay Rule.

Here’s the results of Justin Rood’s investigation of whether the kid in the background of this Sweeney frat house picture was smoking a joint (alas, he was not). Remember, back in April, Sweeney showed up sloshed at a frat house in the district and proceeded to have himself photographed with cracking up college kids who posed with him like he was … well, like he was.

Then, again, who can forget Rep. Sweeney’s many legislative fact-finding excursions aboard yachts provided by the National Marine Manufacturers’ Association.

The list just goes on and on.

And, actually, isn’t he about due for another boffo moment?