A brief personal note


A brief personal note: Elections are a pretty big deal here at TPM, especially ones where the result may not actually suck. And it would take a lot to pull me away. So a few of you have asked why I disappeared at the end of the week. A simple, if unpleasant, explanation: I came down with a nasty stomach virus that put me out of commission the last two days. But now I’m back and ready for the final sprint.

Anyway, a few points for the final stretch. First, please keep the tips coming. The amount of leads and tips we’ve gotten from readers in the last ten days has been phenomenal. Please keep them coming in. I simply can’t tell you how essential they are to what we do.

In the final countdown to election day, TPM Election Central is going to be our main spot for election updates and breaking news of all sorts. TPMCafe will also be hosting our elections scoreboard where we’ll be updating the returns in real time as they come in Tuesday night and, I suspect, into Wednesday.

TPMmuckraker.com will be doing its usually cataloging of political muck and skullduggery of all sorts. But from now through the election muckrakers will be given special focus to voter suppression efforts, dirty tricks and all election related muck. You’re in a far better position to see this stuff than any network news producer or prestige journalist in Washington or New York. Because you’ll see it first in your mailbox, or hear it on your phone or you’ll see it in the roadblocks thrown up on election day. These stunts come in all shapes and sizes. So keep your eyes and ears open.

More shortly.