Remember the Brokebank Democrats


Remember the “Brokebank Democrats” ad being run against Democrat Jon Tester in Montana by swiftboater Bob Perry’s Free Enterprise Fund?

We reported on it yesterday. Go take a look. We have it up at Election Central.

Well, TPM Reader PS took a look and noticed that the phone number that appears in the ad, with a voiceover exhorting viewers to call Jon Tester, looks like a home phone number. PS called and got an answering machine that sounded like the Tester family answering machine:

What I heard was, “Hi, you’ve reached the Testers, we can’t answer the phone right now, so please leave a message.”

Now, I have spared the Testers another call to verify this, but the number in the ad does match up with the number listed for the Testers in online phone directories. The Grand Old Party, plumbing the depths of campaign skullduggery.

I honestly didn’t know you could even do this without running afoul of FCC harrrassment laws. Any telecommunications lawyers out there with a take on this?


David Kurtz is Managing Editor and Washington Bureau Chief of Talking Points Memo where he oversees the news operations of TPM and its sister sites.