Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi has


Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi has another problem on her hands. In addition to the Blue Dog Democrats pressing her to name one of its own, Ranking Member Jane Harman (D-CA), as the new chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, a development we first reported today, the Congressional Black Caucus has voted to support one of its own, Alcee Hastings (D-FL) for the post. A letter to Pelosi from the CBC is forthcoming, according to The Hill:

The dueling letters will likely raise the stakes for the Speaker-to-be. Coming on the heels of a divisive race for majority leader, her decision has the potential to alienate one of two powerful groups: the 44-member Blue Dog Coalition or the 43-member Black Caucus.

Harman has apparently alienated Pelosi with her aggressive lobbying for the post. Before being elected to Congress, Hastings was a federal judge, until he was impeached.


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