New York State Police


New York State Police have demoted a 28-year veteran detective following the pre-election leak of a police report involving one of our favorites, Rep. John Sweeney (R-NY):

The move comes following the explosive surfacing of a State Police report just a few days before this year’s elections. The report contained information about State Police responding last December to the congressman’s Clifton Park home. It stated that a 911 call from Sweeney’s wife, Gayle, resulted in an observation at the home of scratches on Sweeney’s face. The report said Gayle Sweeney had complained about being physically attacked by her husband.

According to the Albany Times Union, neither police officials nor the detective, Capt. Frank Pace, would comment on the circumstances of the demotion. But Sweeney’s attorney told the paper there was “no question” Pace leaked the report. Pace had been the investigating officer of an earlier unrelated incident involving Sweeney’s son, who was charged with assault.

Sweeney was defeated last week for re-election.


David Kurtz is Managing Editor and Washington Bureau Chief of Talking Points Memo where he oversees the news operations of TPM and its sister sites.