TPM Reader PJM responds


TPM Reader PJM responds to YF

President Bush’s war of choice in Iraq has now lasted 45 months with no end yet in sight. By contrast, the US war against Germany officially lasted 41 months and the war against Japan 44 months, and the US battled these countries and their allies simultaneously, around the globe. This means that America’s will in Iraq has already been tested longer than our will in all of WWII.

President Bush has frequently asked, “If people disagree with my policies why do they keep re-electing me?” Earlier this month voters resoundingly rejected Republican war policy by electing Democratic congressional majorities. Yet President Bush now ignores the will of the same people he previously used to justify his policies.

The blame for the Iraq fiasco clearly belongs on this Administration’s failure to define a clear mission and achieve it, not on America’s lack of will. Any attempt by President Bush to blame Democrats for the situation in Iraq should be treated as the shallow, self-serving response it represents.