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TPM Reader KT on our man Rudy …

Another great line from the bio: “After surviving the fall of the Towers, Mayor Giuliani immediately began leading the recovery of his city as it faced its darkest hour.” Now, I credit Rudy for his handling of this situation and I would never make light of the horror that it was to be in New York that day, especially close by in the financial district as Rudy was. But this line about his “surviving the fall of the Towers” seems designed to give the uninitiated the impression that Rudy escaped from within the Towers that day. It’s another case where the truth is impressive enough, so why stretch for some Superman-like attributes?

For what it’s worth, my recollection is that Rudy and maybe a small group of other city leaders like Kerik perhaps the fire chief did almost get caught in a collapsed or obstructed building shortly after the attacks. (Who can refresh my memory on this?) But, still, yeah — ‘survived’? It’s a bit much.