Really putting the lawyers


Really putting the lawyers to the test (from the AP) ….

Libby’s attorneys also will try to undercut the credibility of former New York Times reporter Judith Miller, who testified that Libby revealed Plame’s identity to her. Defense attorney William Jeffress said he intends to call Miller’s former boss, Times managing editor Jill Abramson, to try to refute Miller and question her credibility.

And Jill Abramson under oath about Judy Miller’s credibility? I may have to take up that offer of a press pass for that incomparable moment.

(ed.note: Special thanks to TPM Reader DG for the catch.)

(further.ed.note: When I looked back on this post I realized that the last line might be taken as a dig at both Miller’s and Abramson’s credibility. That wasn’t the intent. I was focusing on Miller’s and the prospect of Abramson’s candidly evaluating it in a public forum.)