Point of publishers privilege.


Point of publisher’s privilege.

The canned US attorney story is now really picking up steam. Two members of Congress — a senator and a representative — are scurrying from office to car and vice versa refusing to confirm or deny whether they tried to interfere with a federal corruption investigation to help save an endangered Republican House seat. But if you’re a regular reader of TPMmuckraker.com you’ve been following this story for almost two months. Here’s Muckraker’s collection of coverage and original reporting going back to January 13th, chronicling it, advancing it, being first on the story.

So this is a shout-out to TPMmuckraker’s Paul Kiel and also former TPMer Justin Rood (now with ABC), who was still with us when we first started on the story. And thanks to the almost 3000 TPM Readers who contributed start up funds, subscribed if you will, to get the site up and off the ground.

More soon on the new stuff we have coming.