There was a flurry


There was a flurry of new developments in the US Attorney Purge on Wednesday. In addition to the new documents released by the House Judiciary Committee, we have the revelation that Monica Goodling is now being investigated for screening new prosecutors for proper party affiliation.

As part of her job, Goodling signed off on applications for entry-level prosecutor positions in offices run by interim (read: Patriot Act) US Attorney’s Offices. And she is now being investigated by the DOJ itself for allegedly screening applicants for proper party affiliation.

But this raises a weird possibility: the fact that the DOJ is investigating Goodling could put a roadblock in the way of the investigating committees’ efforts to give her immunity and force her to testify on Capitol Hill. So Goodling’s new alleged wrongdoing could have the perverse effect of preventing her from being forced to go up to Capitol Hill and reveal what she knows about what happened in the Purge.

Go figure.