Sometimes something catches my


Sometimes something catches my eye that may not have any grand significance but I’ve got to write about it anyway.

Here I’m reading a CNN article about James Dobson, in which the grand inquisitor announces that he will not under any circumstances vote for, endorse or do anything else for Rudy Giuliani if he gets the Republican nomination. Fair enough.

But down here in the article we have the seventh graf that gives a quick background and we read that …

Dobson’s organization says his daily radio program is heard by as many as 220 million listeners over 3,500 stations in the United States. He’s also seen on 80 television stations, and 10 Focus on the Family magazines have 2.3 million subscribers, the group says.

Now, I know it says Dobson’s outfit ‘says’ and ‘as many as’. But couldn’t the reporter do a little brain work on this one? 220 million listeners? 2/3 of all Americans? I’m laughing even writing it. Actually, I should mention our new tagline for TPMtv — with as many as 1.7 billion viewers worldwide.

Okay, I’m done.

Late Update: TPM Reader BG points out that Dobson is claiming that his daily show is on approximately one out of three radio stations in the US. I’m sure he’s on quite a few; don’t know if that’s many. 220 million listeners? Pretty sure on that.

TV Preacher Superpowers Update: TPM Reader MS and several others point out that Pat Robertson can leg press 2000 pounds because of his mystical protein drink. So it’s important not to sell these guys short.

So Late It’s the Next Day Update: Okay TPM Reader KS points out it may be the CNN reporter who’s a goof. The Dobson page actually says 220 million in the whole world.