Hmmmm. That adds a


Hmmmm. That adds a little spice to the mix. I noted earlier today that attorneys for former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman (D) got an affidavit from a Republican lawyer from Alabama who says she was on a conference call in which the husband of the US Attorney in the case said “his girls” were going to take care of Siegelman. Now Time has the actual affidavit. And it includes this quote …

Canary said “not to worry — that he had already gotten it worked out with Karl and Karl had spoken with the Department of Justice and the Department of Justice was already pursuing Don Siegelman,” the Simpson affidavit says.

Now, even for those of us who’ve been hot on the trail of the Attorney Purge should recognize that there are a lot of legitimately corrupt pols that will try to use the scandal to skate. But this seems like a lot more than smoke or vague allegations.

The affidavit is from Dana Jill Simpson, an apparently respected Republican lawyer from the state. William Canary, is a GOP operative with close ties to Rove, according to the Times. And his wife is the US Attorney in the jurisdiction in question.

If he said he talked to Rove and that Rove said he’d contacted the Department of Justice about pursuing Siegelman, I think this requires a much closer look.