Just a lil more


Just a lil’ more background on Karl Rove, Alabama and William Canary.

As the article in this morning’s Times explains, William Canary — the guy who allegedly said he’d talked to Rove about getting the DOJ to take care of Don Siegelman — is the head of something called the Business Council of Alabama.

The BCoA happens to be the GOP group that brought Rove to Alabama in the early 1990s to help flip the state’s Supreme Court to the GOP. My old pal Josh Green detailed the relationship in great depth in this November 2004 article in The Atlantic Monthly.

So, we can be quite sure that Canary knows Rove very well.

The article also explains how Rove used the vote fraud bamboozlement and charges that his client’s opponent was a pedophile to win a court race. But, that’s just a bonus.