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I noticed that youtube feature yesterday or the day before…watching one of your videos. It’s awful, annoying and I’m sure likely to go away real quick.

But for some time now, I’ve come to realize that youtube is probably the worst video sharing service despite its dominance. Metacafe and are better for finding cool/funny/interesting videos and, ironically, google video is way way better as far as resolution and user interface goes. In fact on that last point – user interface and resolution – almost every other service is way better than youtube.

Plus, and this might interest you – metacafe (with whom I have no affiliation) offers cash money for original content based on views. I think it’s $200 per 10,000 views. Not gonna get you out of the flower district, sure, but it’s still some scratch in your pocket.

At any rate, it’s funny that youtube decided to upgrade their service not to make it better but to make it more annoying. Sounds very much like a plan hatched by a bunch of squares in a windowless conference room urging each other to “think outside the box.”