Lawyering up. Prez adds


Lawyering up. Prez adds nine new lawyers to the White House Counsel’s staff.

Late Update: TPM Reader AB checks in …

Did you note that three of the nine came from the Washington, D.C. firm previously known as Wiley, Rein & Fielding? It is now called Wiley Rein, LLP, since its name member, Fred Fielding, moved to the White House late last year, to help defend BushCo from Congressional oversight and investigation. It appears that Fielding’s assessment is that the situation ahead is dire and so he is moving part of his lawyer firm into the White House as reinforcements, a “surge” of lawyers we might call it.

Later Update: As many TPM Readers have noted, not a single Regent Univ. Law School alum among the nine. For the people, Regent, for the prez, the Ivy Leagues.