New Goodling document dump


New Goodling document dump from the DOJ.

And early this evening new documents on the Todd Graves’ firing.

Let us know what you find.

Late Update: The only blockbuster I’ve come across so far is that Kyle Sampson was apparently fond of referring to Bradley Schlozman as “the Schloz”. (note: OAG000002180)

Later Update: Also of some interest, Sampson to Goodling and Oprison, Feb. 2nd, 2007: “Tim needs to be managed very carefully.” (note: OAG000001853)

Never Too Late for Monica Update: On a quick review, most of the Goodling documents appear to be the work product of her after-the-fact efforts to come up with justifications for the firings. There are reams of prosecution statistics, some Nexis searches trying to find ammunition for the ‘Clinton did it too’ defense and a lot of emails about how they’re going to deal with Tim Griffin.