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Shocking, Tragic

A Republican aide was on the phone with late Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich just before he killed himself. He told her about his outrage over a whispering campaign about his religion, threatened to kill himself and then handed the phone to his wife. Seconds later, Schweich's wife Kathy said, "He shot himself!"


"Despite a small minority of Democrats and Israeli reporters seeking to curry favor with Obama, Netanyahu's speech to Congress elicited overwhelming support."

Israel Hayom (Israel Today) is the money-losing free news daily which Sheldon Adelson set up in 2007 mainly to support Benjamin Netanyahu. In Israel it is often mocked "Bibiton" (The Bibi News, roughly). But through a mix of being free and popular it rocketed to being the most-read news daily. Netanyahu's opponents — not unreasonably — complain that the entire thing is a massive campaign/propaganda contribution to Netanyahu. In any case, I was looking at its English language version today and here's the 'deck' for their lead article on the site ...

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