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More on the 24 Days

From Reader AS on my post about the 24 day inspection timeline in the Iran nuclear deal ...

The 24 days is probably more bogus than you said.

They're doing exactly the same thing here. Detecting work on nuclear weapons in a country like Iraq is a hard and complicated technical problem. Almost none of the people talking about it in the popular press (or me) understand it at all. But people who do understand it seem to have formed a consensus that the plan in the deal is serious and well designed. It is, by all accounts, the most strict inspection regime ever devised, tighter than anything ever implemented anywhere.

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You're a Loser. Vote for Me

TPM Reader JB captures a significant slice of the story ...


Trump's comments are erratic, but I think at bottom he is very disciplined and always on his message: "I win." Everything he does and says builds on this same core pitch, which he laid out in his opening campaign speech:

Do you feel like a loser? Well, guess what, you should. You are losing. We are losing. To the Mexicans. To the Chinese. To Iran. To bossy women. To Everybody. It is not morning in America; we suck right now. You suck.

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Does Obama Have the "Special Feeling"

People say strange things. They think strange things. They do strange things. Accepting this fact is the first step to getting along in the world and not being constantly surprised and discomfited. I just read this article/interview with Leon Wieseltier in the Times of Israel, an English language Israeli paper catering to anglophone Israelis and American Jews. The gist of the article is that Leon continues to really, really dislike Benjamin Netanyahu but thinks he’s for once right on the Iran nuclear deal. As you’d expect, I entirely agree with him on Netanyahu and almost as resoundingly disagree with him on the Iran deal. His arguments are ones you’ve heard before on both sides and aren’t really what concern me in this case.

It’s this line down at the bottom about Obama being "the first US president who doesn’t really have a special feeling for Israel."

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Rough News

Jimmy Carter: "Recent liver surgery revealed that I have cancer that now is in other parts of my body."

About Those 24 Days

I heard from a reader yesterday who said, in so many words: I support President Obama and I support the Iran deal. But what's with the 24-day notice to do inspections? That sounds bad to me. What's the story with that?

Mainly, I think this is a demagogued and phony issue. Here's my take.

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Game On

It started as a dispute over the AP American history curriculum, but a Colorado school board recall is shaping up as a proxy fight for national groups, including the Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity, over a whole range of contemporary public education flash points.

Everybody Gets Messy

Here's another example of the Trump pattern, how his candidacy has this uncanny ability to trigger explosions in virtually every part of the conservative ecosystem it touches.

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