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The Real Key in The Electoral College

Based on a group of new state polls this morning, Hillary Clinton is back at 335 electoral votes in her column versus Trump at 164. Needless to say, that is a healthy lead. But the bigger number is that Clinton is now up by at least 10 points in states accounting for 263 electoral votes. I've noted that number a few times over the last week or so. Really though, the number is 273, which is just 10 votes more but a world of difference since you need 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. In other words, Clinton is ahead by at least 10 points in states which are alone enough to win her the presidency.

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She's Back ...

If you were deep into politics in the mid-90s you probably remember the name Betsy McCaughey. She is, in a novelistic way, a fascinating figure: on the one hand a thoroughly ridiculous figure, inventing clownish, error-filled distortions or downright fabrications about public policy for years. And yet, in purely historical terms she's had a big impact on the direction of health-care policy over the last generation. She played a very real role in killing Clinton's effort at health-care reform in 1994 (just how much is debated but it was real); and she gave it her best shot with Obamacare. Now, perhaps obviously, she's been named to Trump's economic policy team. Here's the story.

Trump Drives The Crazy As Far Away As Argentina

In August 1991, Mauricio Macri, the current president of Argentina, was thrown into a coffin and hauled off to a hideout by unknown assailants. For at least some of Macri's 12 days in captivity, his father suspected that Donald Trump was behind the disappearance.

That's according to a new book out in Argentina this week, "El secuestro," by the journalist Natasha Niebieskikwiat. Now, to be clear, there's no evidence whatsoever that Trump directed or was involved in Mauricio Macri's kidnapping. And apparently Macri's father, Franco, only briefly entertained this "Trump theory." But clearly, the elder Macri's dealings with Trump in the arena of New York real estate left him with the impression that Trump could be treacherous enough to have ordered his son's kidnapping years after their business relationship ended.

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Not Smart

Dems looking to pick off weak GOP Senators in the year of Trump are looking for slips like this, looking to force slips like this. Pat Toomey, a hard-right senator from a blue/purple state, is running in about the middle of the pack. Not as bad as a sure goner like Ron Johnson in Wisconsin but not doing nearly as well as Rob Portman in Ohio. He just said that Hillary Clinton poses a greater danger to the country than Donald Trump.

Lotta Stuff Goin On

Quite a lot of stuff happening this morning. So just briefly, Bob Woodward says the excessive rhetoric isn't just a Trump thing. “I think it's got to be said this is not just about Trump. A lot of the people who really are opposed to Trump, I think, are engaged in some excessive rhetoric also.” I say Trump has brought the white nationalist incarnation of the GOP into its own and it's not going back. Trump goes Full Constanza and asks "Is there something wrong" with saying Obama founded Isis? NBC reporter Katy Tur reveals that back in December the Secret Service had to take the extraordinary step of protecting her as she left a Trump rally in South Carolina after Trump singled her out by name to the crowd for retribution. A former Trump staffer is suing the Trump campaign claiming that the former state director in North Carolina pulled a gun on him. Meanwhile Trump says he liked how he ran in the primaries better.