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Graham to Cruz: We Tried That in South Carolina; Let's Not Try Again

We asked Lindsey Graham what he thinks about that Ted Cruz statement about guns and tyranny. He doesn't agree.

"Well, we tried that once in South Carolina. I wouldn't go down that road again. I think an informed electorate is probably a better check than, you know, guns in the streets.I'm not looking for an insurrection. I'm looking to defeat Hillary. We're not going to out-gun her."

And yes, in all my time running TPM, I've been waiting for this quote.

Walker Job Approval Plummeting

This could be a problem. A new poll - and it's the marquee poll in the state - shows Gov Scott Walker with his lowest job approval number in three years and dropping 8 points since late last year. Worse Hillary beats him in his home state by 12 points.

Cruz: Gun Rights are For Shootin' Some Gubmint Officials

Ted Cruz is really explicit that voters need guns in case they need to use them against police, federal law enforcement or other government officials.

It's not an uncommon argument among gun rights enthusiasts. But national politicians and certainly presidential candidates seldom get so pointed and specific about arguing that the key importance of the 2nd Amendment is to have guns to shoot government officials if you decide they are creating a tyranny. What Sharron Angle once called "second amendment remedies". But Ted Cruz is going there big time in a new fundraising email. Check it out.

In a sense, this is totally Cruz's MO. I suspect it's precisely because few mainstream politicians are willing to state the matter so starkly that he and his advisors see a big advantage of being the one who will.

Tulsa, We Have a Problem ...

Remember that 73 year old volunteer hobby sheriff who accidentally shot and killed an arrestee in Oklahoma when he thought he was pulling out his taser? Well, turns it the Sheriff's department seems to have falsified his training records. Ooops.