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Making Us Friggin Diogenes

The Jeb watershed has sent TPMers out onto the terrain of Iraq War dead-enders trying to find someone who will say, yes, it's still awesome. And it's turning out to be pretty hard. Even Elliot Abrams has given up the fight. So far only John Bolton says he's still in favor. We're still looking.

Help us find who else is still on board. If you see news reports of people saying they still think the invasion was a good idea, please drop us a line.

Instagram Vs. Dick Pics

Today, The Slice published a fascinating deep dive by Beejoli Shah about the DIY porn community that continues to thrive on Instagram despite the company's Herculean efforts to get rid of it. There are many places on the internet that will welcome your naked pics with open arms: Reddit, Tumblr, even your own blog. So what makes people engage in a cat-and-mouse game with an app that goes to such lengths to keep their site porn-free?

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How Jeb Bush Triggered an Iraq War Watershed

I mentioned a couple days ago that this might be happening. And now I think we're seeing that it is. Improbably, Jeb Bush's run for president and painful bumbling have triggered, though by no means caused, a watershed moment in the country's reckoning with the strategic blunder - and let's just say it - self-inflicted catastrophe of the Iraq War.

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Cleavage and Confrontation

This has not been a good few days for Jeb Bush. But I want to highlight one issue this is bringing to the fore about his campaign and the entire 2016 primary process. Through all this clumsy fumbling over "would you invade Iraq" what's most conspicuous is the dog that is not barking. It is very hard to find any Republican partisans that are lifting a finger to defend him. Laura Ingraham kicked things off ridiculing him. Byron York wrote a merciless column lambasting Bush both for the substance of his remarks and their optics. But it goes well beyond these Republican commentator-elites.

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'The Woman'

It's just a cringefest in this statement put out by Missouri's Republican speaker of the House apologizing for, well, he doesn't actually come out and say for what, but presumably sexting with an intern. But this line takes the cake: "I also regret that the woman has been dragged into this situation." The woman.


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