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Commenting Primer

Last night we began a limited beta test of the new comments system here at TPM. We surfaced a basic version of the new system for Prime members for a weekend of testing basic functionality. So we're clear: This does not mean or suggest that in the future article comments will be limited to subscribers. For technical reasons, this is the simplest subset of users we are able to filter for. Plus, the new system is based on the Discourse forum software package that already runs The Hive. So Prime subscribers already have some familiarity with the system. After the jump is a cheat sheet, giving a basic overview of the new system, the upgraded functionality and also answers a bunch of basic questions about how it will work.

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Fox News Convenes Discussion on Race

Fox News convened a "robust discussion" of the subject of race in America this afternoon and the main takeaways were 1) People should probably stop talking about race 2) Nobody cares about racism anymore and 3) Black people should stop getting all tetchy when the white panelists lock their cars. Watch.

The Pay is Too Damn Low

Our Dylan Scott sat down with out-going Rep. Jim Moran (D) to discuss his only-after-you-retire argument that Congress needs its salaries to be a lot higher. He'll come in for a lot of derision - not that he cares at this point. But there's one sentence in the interview I want to highlight.

We're the board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world. Comparatively speaking, the members of Congress earn less than the average banker, less than the average doctor. Considerably less than the average CEO, who now makes $9.6 million. We deal with people on a regular basis who come to see us who make more in a week than we make in a year.

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