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Gist: Gov Cuomo, Wildly Popular

Yesterday, I discussed the new poll that shows that New Yorkers overwhelmingly oppose police officers turning their backs on Mayor de Blasio during police funerals. They also think police union chief Pat Lynch is a jerk who's bad for the city. Now the same pollster (Quinnipiac) has released numbers for the Mayor and the Governor.

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Must Read

Must read on the sheer depth of nonsense behind the new court case to sink Obamacare. CBO ran the numbers 68 times on the law and not once did they consider the nonsensical idea that people in states that didn't set up their own exchange wouldn't get subsidies - which is supposedly what people were trying to do when they wrote the law.

Head Shaking

Fascinating but also horrible. If the Supreme Court decides to go full corruption and invalidate Obamacare subsidies in most of the country on the flimsiest on arguments, the head of Aetna is now talking about a "Grand Bargain" to pick up the pieces.