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Inside the Firestorm

I keep getting asked to explain this piece or hearing from others who are responding to my follow-up this morning without having read the piece it was based on. So I'm reupping my post about wage stagnation, the Democratic party and the dearth of policy initiatives the latter has to deal with the former.

What If There's Nothing We Can Do?

Thanks for all the thoughtful replies you sent about my piece on Democratic politics and the seemingly unscalable cliff face of wage stagnation that has afflicted the country for roughly four decades. I want to follow up on that post by posing a troubling possibility. What if there is simply nothing we can do?

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Jaw-Dropping When You See It

We've known for decades that the FBI waged a campaign of harassment against Martin Luther King which culminated in attempts to goad him to commit suicide or face public revelations about sexual liaisons the Bureau had uncovered through pervasive surveillance. We've also known for years that there was a 1964 letter to King leveling this threat. Until now though we've known about the letter but only in a highly redacted form. Now the full letter is available. Jarring but important to see.