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Meet Igor Strelkov

Meet "Igor Strelkov", the comical would-be warlord of eastern Ukraine who became a lot less comical after his goons apparently shot down a passenger jet with almost 300 civilians aboard.

Game Changer

Were it not for the hundreds killed, it would also be comical the ridiculous series of events Vladimir Putin's reckless behavior led up to this morning. For months Putin has been playing with fire, making trouble and having it work mainly to his advantage. Certainly in the context of Russian history and nationalist aspiration reclaiming the Crimea is a vast accomplishment. But the whole thing blew up in his face today in a way, and with repercussions I don't think - even with all wall to wall coverage - we can quite grasp.

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The New York Times has audio, released by Ukraine, purporting to be phone conversations between pro-Russian separatist morons as they realized they'd shot down a civilian airliner. Must be heard.