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Trump Camp: Obama Deportation Policy Actually Pretty Awesome

We have more evidence this morning that the Trump campaign is trying to pull off a painful and likely impossible pivot from the mass deportation of 3% of the US population with an Einsatzgruppen-sounding thing called the "deportation force" to something like exactly what Trump and Republicans have been railing about for years: the deportation policy followed by President Barack (oh hell, let's just say it Hussein!) Obama.

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Gonna Be Quite a Day

In a series of interview last night Donald Trump appeared to embrace Barack Obama's policy on deportations, just "perhaps with a lot more energy."

The mix of lying, bad faith, and actually for the first time figuring out how immigration law works is quite a thing to behold. I remain pretty confident in what I wrote last night about this being why that Thursday speech got cancelled.

I think next we're going to have a roll out of the Trump Taj MaWall that is based on the Stonehenge bit in Spinal Tap.

Did Trumpers Just Hit An Immigration Wall?

Over the weekend Donald Trump met with a new Hispanic advisory group. When group members emerged they seemed to say he was considering reneging on his vaunted promise to deport 3% of the US population (11 million undocumented immigrants). Then campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said the fate of the 'deportation force' - the ridiculous government police agency that would supposedly be charged with rounding up and expelling 11 million US residents - was 'to be determined.' Then Trump insisted he was definitely not flip-flopping on his promise to deport everyone.

So far so good: typical Trump disorganization around a completely fantastical policy idea.

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TPM Needs You

I've told you all about the importance of Prime to TPM and all about the cool thing you get as a member. If you've been on the fence, please take a moment right now to join us. It's cheap, it's important. Just stop right now and take a couple minutes to come on board. If you need us, if you find yourself coming back day after day, we definitely need you.

The Secret Behind Trump's Comically Bad Digital Campaign?

Here's our list of takeaways for Donald Trump's July FEC report which came out over the weekend. But there's one part of the story I wanted to drill a bit deeper on - in part because it shows what a mess Trump's campaign remains but even more because it illustrates a very basic Trump MO: friendship and loyalty over experience and competence.

The issue is who's doing Trump's digital work.

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