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Beware The Obamacare Apocalypse!

Back in May, Dylan Scott first brought you the story about a free clinic in Tacoma, Washington, that was closing because Obamacare had succeeded in providing all of the clinic's would-be patients with health care coverage. It was one of the those small but telling examples of the ways the heath care reform law was working.

Now The Daily Show has done a segment on the clinic, putting on camera the doctor and nurse we initially interviewed, in a Colbert-style attempt to get them to admit that Obamacare has been TERRIBLE:

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The Jeremy Heath Higginses of the World

Meet Jeremy Heath Higgins (text from a Department of Justice news release) ...

Jeremy Heath Higgins, 28, a resident of Quinton, Alabama, pleaded guilty today before U.S. District Judge Madeline Haikala to two counts of federal civil rights violations, announced the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Alabama.

As part of the plea proceedings, Higgins admitted that on June 14, 2013, he approached and threatened an African-American man at the Alabama Rose Steakhouse, a restaurant in Quinton, Alabama, because the man was present at the restaurant with a white woman.

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You'll Want to Read This

Bracing? Overstated? A mix of both. But there's an undeniable point TPM Reader JB makes here. No one bats a 1000% at this ...

To me the most notable thing looking back on 9/11 13 years later is how crystal clear it is now that it was an anomalous event and not, contrary to all the rhetoric of the time, the dawn of a new era of domestic terrorism. The fact that basically nothing analogous – meaning a domestic terror attack planned and executed by foreigners or local cells funded by Al Queda or like groups -- has happened in the 13 years since is pretty incredible and unexpected. Perhaps more surprising still is that the only viable explanation for the dearth of attacks is that terrorists motivated to carry out attacks inside the United States do not exist.

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