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Act Two of the Trump Epic

We've gone far enough now with the Trump political phenomenon to know that it is no mere or momentary matter of name recognition which has placed him as the top contender for the Republican nomination, as bizarre an eventuality as that might appear. He now leads all national polls and all polls in the key early primary and caucus states - and by significant margins. We've also witnessed key GOP stakeholder Fox News try to derail Trump's campaign and fail miserably at it. Lots of top Republicans jumped on that bum-rush Trump bandwagon only to be damaged in turn when it collapsed. We're now in a categorically different phase. Trump is now defining the GOP policy agenda. And that makes him far more than a top candidate or even a nominee.

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No Citizenship For You!

Trump taking it to a new level. No legal change is required to deny birthright citizenship to the children of undocumented immigrants, he told Bill O'Reilly last night. By his reading of the law, those children are not now and never have been citizens.

"I don't think they have American citizenship and if you speak to some very, very good lawyers -- and I know some will disagree -- but many of them agree with me, you're going to find they do not have American citizenship," Trump said.

We're Hiring

TPM is currently hiring for two full time positions and one paid internship. (Full listings for each position after the jump.) We are looking for a Reporter to work out of our Washington, DC office as well as a Story Editor. The Reporter position is fairly self-explanatory. The Story Editor is a junior to mid-level editing position, doing a mix of assigning, story editing and copy-editing. Finally we're looking for a Polling Intern to for our New York office. The full listings for each position are after the jump.

I like posting these positions here because I find our best hires are people who are already familiar with TPM and ideally already readers. Interested? Please apply.

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How Hillary Conceives Of Politics

Hillary Clinton's backstage conversation, captured on video last week, with leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement is revealing, captivating, and so telling about the way she thinks about politics, campaigning, how to sync up movements with policies, and just in general gives more insight into her method of operating than anything I seen in a long time. Worth your time to watch.