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It's Here, Y'all

If you already missing the 2014 election -- it's been 10 days! -- then let me officially welcome you to 2016 and the pre-emptive oppo research drop against potential future campaign staffers. Ugh.

Amidst the Dark Dark Woods

Remember that New Hampshire journalist who got in all the trouble after he challenged Scott Brown's geography in that senate debate? Well, he's disappeared. Now at first we thought something terrible might have happened. We imagined Scott Brown, holed up in his nominal residence cabin, pondering Vermont 2016, and going all Silence of the Lambs on the guy's ass, with James Pindell cold and alone trapped in a ten foot dirt hole and Brown screaming down from up top, "Who's North now, James!?!?!?!" But we did get a 'no comment' email reply from Pindell. So it's seems like that didn't happen. But Tom Kludt's got the story right here and he tries to get to the bottom of the mystery.