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The Islamic State of Paris

TPM Reader DW checks in (just barely) from the Islamic State of Paris ...

I was particularly amused - or maybe amazed? - by the claim of no-go zones in Paris when I saw the map of where they supposedly were. I stayed in one of those zones - in a perfectly nice apartment rented through airbnb this past October! It was a quite safe area, with a few obvious Muslims seen on the street, also a few ultra-orthodox Jews and a wide variety of ordinary French people. Certainly brought home how much of what one sees on Fox is just blatantly made-up! The only safety threat I experienced was the odd speeding motor scooter.

If You Can't Win, Change The Rules

We have another riveting installment in the rich, sordid recent history of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where in the last few years one justice stood accused of choking another in her chambers in the presence of other justices and the chief justice was called "a total bitch" by one of her brethren. Now the GOP-controlled legislature is advancing a state constitutional amendment that would effectively oust that same chief justice, a liberal woman who has held the post for nearly 20 years, by changing the rules on how the chief justice is selected.

Your Urban Legend of the Day: 'No Go Zones'

At a moment when we see that the danger of jihadist violence is quite real it is even more important to remember, to find out how much of what we hear in the media and especially the Fox News-o-sphere is just made up nonsense - like the '19 paramilitary Muslim training facilities' in US. To that end, today our Catherine Thompson traces the urban legend of the Muslim 'no go zones' in European cities, districts the police supposedly refuse to enter because they're run by jihadists enforcing Sharia Law.

The Executive Order Speech

Much of it is embedded in the words of the speech itself, which you can see here. But like any speech and especially with this speech, the words on the page only captured part of the presentation. I said late in the speech that what stuck out to me most was how few of those lines and flourishes there were aimed at drawing bipartisan rounds of applause, or even more the ones aimed at pulling the opposition into the festivities. Republicans did seem particularly unreceptive. But there were plenty of passages on the order of "You thought X. We'll X didn't happen. Sorry."

This passage about the Russian annexation of Crimea is a good case in point. The speech was jaunty, bumptious, with a certainly crackling of aggressiveness. But more than anything, with respect to the new Republican Congress, which is the big new show in town, the attitude was one of indifference.

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