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Update: t-16 days and counting until 100 Days ritual humiliation.

Trump Threatens to Torch More Republicans

There’s quite a lot going on at the moment. The President has two genuine international crises on his hands. But I wanted to note the latest developments on health care and so-called ‘tax reform’ because they are striking both for the President’s on-going failure to pass any legislation through Congress but also because of his seeming inability to grasp the new politics of health care he has in many ways created.

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The EPA has requested 10 security agents to provide a 24/7 security detail for EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. Some specific threat? No, to handle "continuing activities from the left to foment hatred" and from "hostility within the agency."

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Hard To Believe This Is Happening

A rogues gallery of voting rights restrictionists is urging Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resume some of the hiring practices that politicized the George W. Bush Justice Department during some of the darkest days in the department’s history. For longtime readers, this will be more than a little alarming. Voting rights advocates are warning about where this could head.

Just to give you some of the flavor of the how bad things were at DOJ back then, here’s a 2007 TPMMuckraker account, 10 years ago this month, of a veteran DOJ official who left the department after he “lost faith in the institution as it had become.”

Nice Try on Carter Page, Guys

There's something a bit funny going on today. The White House is simultaneously claiming that news of the Carter Page FISA warrant vindicates their claims about Obama administration surveillance while also insisting Page had virtually nothing to do with the campaign. This is a complicated story because the Trump campaign - especially at that stage - was so chaotic and disorganized that the line between central and peripheral could be hard to detect and change from one day to the next. But the White House can't get away with saying that Page was an "informal" advisor one with "no official title."

He was as official as it got.

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A Note From SpicerLand

People are talking seriously about Sean Spicer possibly losing his job over his remarks yesterday. Who knows what will happen? But this drama is infinitely emblematic of everything about this White House. Mainly because this whole drama is entirely self-inflicted and ridiculous. I see no sense here that Spicer inadvertently let slip his true feelings - a so-called "Kinsley Gaffe", inadvertently telling the truth. There are lots of people in this White House with dark and malevolent attitudes toward Jews. I see no reason to believe Spicer is one of them. This was just a clumsy and ridiculous, an entirely self-inflicted injury which Spicer was too clownish to avoid and too ridiculous to clean up.

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Another Piece of the Trump Puzzle: The Carter Page FISA Warrant

The Washington Post published a story this evening that adds a significant new piece to the Trump puzzle. The headline is that in the summer of 2016 the FBI obtained a FISA warrant to monitor the communications of Carter Page, a key player in the Trump/Russia story. Obtaining a FISA warrant is significant in itself since to do so the government must show probable cause that the target of the warrant is acting as the agent of a foreign power. What this means, what the government has to show is set forth very specifically in statute.

Let me run through what I believe are the key points in this story.

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Thinking About Spicer's Chemical Weapons Gaffe

Let me share a few thoughts on Sean Spicer's latest self-inflicted wound.

As you know, Spicer started off trying to make an argument about Assad by arguing that even Adolf Hitler hadn't used chemical weapons during World War II. In a polarized and fractious environment, this was obviously an ill-advised argument. Spicer is such a doofus that in trying to explain and clean up the comment he managed to make it worse with clumsy claims that he didn't use chemical weapons against "his own people."

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