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First Trump-Inspired Hate Crime

You have seen that two guys in South Boston beat up and urinated on what they believed to be a hispanic homeless man yesterday, citing Donald Trump as their inspiration. It's an example of what over-the-top xenophobic borderline hate speech can lead to. But a candidate cannot be responsible for what every violent loser does in reaction to their campaign. What makes this story more than a sick oddity though is Trump's reaction. When asked about it, he issued a mild condemnation before quickly pivoting to how "passionate" his supporters are to make America great again. Check it out.

Just Make It Go Away

Be sure to read today's piece by Tierney Sneed on how ending birthright citizenship migrated from far right legal circles to the centerpiece policy push of the 2016 presidential campaign. The key is that they're saying we don't even need to amend the 14th Amendment. We can just pretend the 14th amendment doesn't say what it plainly says and read it out of the Constitution altogether. And with the way the current Court snaps up cockamamy right wing legal theories these days, they could be right.


Worth watching this impromptu (5:38 minutes) Q&A with Bernie Sanders. Immediately after the jump. Sums the whole thing up pretty nicely - both in terms of substance and the guy himself.

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More Outreach!

Not even sure what to say about this. Obama plays golf with Stephen Curry, and that makes you uncomfortable somehow? Here's GOP bigwig Al Cardenas today being all warm and fuzzy about it:

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