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Princeton progressives go all

Princeton progressives go all night long!

Yesterday we brought you news that students at Princeton University had decided to take matters in their own hands and start filibustering Bill Frist whatever those jokers in Washington end up doing.

Specifically, a bunch of them got together and began reading any document they could find in front of the Frist Campus Center, the building Frist's family paid a ton of money to get named after him.

We're told it ended up raining. But these young worthies kept at it all night.

According to the campus paper, "students on Frist North Lawn continuously read from the U.S. Constitution, 'My Pet Goat' and other documents to protest recent actions by the man whose family funded the building before which they were standing."

Will campus 'wingers break the filibuster? Will they call out the Pinkerton Men? And how many votes do they need for cloture? Inquiring Minds ...

Late Update: You can see pictures of the on-going filibuster here.

Denver Post debamboozles. From

Denver Post debamboozles.

From this morning's editorial: "Conservatives made it easy for Salazar to pick sides. After all, threatening to change the Senate rules is such a drastic step that even the Republicans refer to it as the 'nuclear option.'"

(ed.note: Note of thanks to TPM Reader WA.)

They say zig they

They say zig; they zig. They say zag; they zag.

ABC's The Note reports for duty on the nuclear constitutional option: "NEWS SUMMARY: The Republican White House is standing firm in support of DeLay, Bolton, private accounts, nuclear power, a lean budget, and the constitutional option on judges."

An entry for Valiant

An entry for Valiant Effort Watch.

The Wall Street Journal's James Taranto tries to salvage the RNC's 'nuclear option' bamboozle: "With a vote expected soon on what the Democrats (borrowing a term from Trent Lott) call the "nuclear option," suddenly they are talking compromise."

(ed.note: Thanks to TPM Reader PO for sending us the link.)

Another note of thanks

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We just got late

We just got late word that Sen. Lieberman -- freshly out of the Fainthearted Faction -- is going to be at the big pro-Social Security rally today at the Capitol. Apparently, only members of the leadership are going to speak. But he will be there showing his support.

Now remember, Faintheartedness recidivism is a major social problem in the United States Senate. So let's show Joe we support him in his recovery and help him stay with the program.

TPM Reader SC chimes

TPM Reader SC chimes in: "The Social Security Tour is exactly what Republicans - and all opponents of big government - should be against. In this case, the government has spent tens of millions of dollars on the "road show", and they are farther away from the goal (support for Social Security overhaul) than when they started. I wonder what might happen when these big-government republicans start to spend trillions..."

GOP leaning toward No

GOP leaning toward No Frist Use on the nuclear option?

Not likely. According to this new story out from AP, Sen. Frist is saying, no deals. All seven judges have to go through or else. (For more on the strategic backdrop, see this post from last night.) In other words, the Majority Leader is willing to fight to the last Republican for his presidential viability.