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Along the lines of

Along the lines of Karl Rove's high standards of conduct, noted today by Scott McClellan, do remember Josh Green's Atlantic Monthly article from last year in which he chronicled Rove's role in an Alabama Supreme Court election back in the 1990s in which the president's chief political advisor won the race for his client by spreading false rumors that his opponent -- a one-time juvenile and family-court judge -- was a pedophile.

Oh, Karl ...

Good Rove catch by

Good Rove catch by the folks at ThinkProgress.

From today's briefing

MORAN: … Fox News and other surrogates are essentially saying that the conversation lasted for two minutes and that the subject was ostensibly welfare reform. They’re getting that information from here, from Karl Rove.

MCCLELLAN: And, again, you’re asking questions that are related to news reports about an ongoing, continuing investigation. And you’ve had my response on that…

Ahh, to hear Karl begging and pleading for an easy ride from Brit Hume. Nice too <$NoAd$> that Moran was frank enough to identify Fox News as a Rove surrogate operation ...

Late Update: Along the lines of this exchange, I would be remiss if I didn't note Rove's apparent attempt to invoke the well-known 'short conversation' exception to the relevant law.

AP President Bush at

AP: "President Bush, at an Oval Office photo opportunity Tuesday, was asked directly whether he would fire Rove — in keeping with a pledge in June, 2004, to dismiss any leakers in the case. The president did not respond."

Scofflaw Republican Ken Mehlman

Scofflaw Republican Ken Mehlman knows who pays the bills.

In this new RNC press release Mehlman goes to war on Karl Rove's behalf, regurgitating just about every lie that's been told about Niger, Wilson, Plame and everything else.

Help us catalog the lies. Note 'em down and send 'em in.

Late Update: Actually, we shouldn't be the only ones who have access to what you've found. If you'd like to share the catalog of Ken Mehlman lies with fellow readers, we've set up a discussion thread here.

I dont often read

I don't often read ABC's The Note. But sometimes, when it reaches a point of maximal toxicity, such as today, a friend or a reader will pass it along and then I'll get caught up on its full measure of ridiculousness. It really is a showcase of just how decadent the Washington press corps has become under this president, the revelry in their own frivolity, the credulous aping of the smears, the loins flush for the powerful. Sort of a mix of Dangerous Liaisons and Elmer Fudd.

Marshall Wittman understands internal

Marshall Wittman understands internal GOP politics as well as anyone who's willing to talk about them publicly, and much better than most who aren't. He provides his take on Rove's future today at TPMCafe. Short version: short of a frog march, Rove's stays till the end of Bush's term in 2009.

TPM Reader mail ...HiI

TPM Reader mail ...


I am wondering...... (a) it is reported that Karl Rove referred to Valerie Plame as being "fair game" after her cover was blown by Robert Novak's article. (b) Presumably, Karl Rove would have known by then (as did everyone else) that she was an undercover CIA "operative", and disclosure of her name was illegal/immoral/unethical. (c) If he referred to her as being "fair game" after her cover was blown, does that not imply that he wasnt stunned (to say the least) by her status, and there is a good chance that he did know about her status beforehand.

Doesnt that line of questioning deserve to be raised?

Good point.

Reid on Rove I

Reid on Rove: “I agree with the President when he said he expects the people who work for him to adhere to the highest standards of conduct. The White House promised if anyone was involved in the Valerie Plame affair, they would no longer be in this administration. I trust they will follow through on this pledge. If these allegations are true this rises above politics and is about our national security.”

With everything coming out

With everything coming out today about Karl Rove, it's worth stopping to bring a few things into focus. It's been pretty clear since fall of 2003 that Karl Rove did this. It's been a near certainty since then that if it wasn't Rove than it was someone in a very similar position. After all, Bob Novak said in his now-notorious column that "senior administration officials" had told him about her.

We don't know that the president knew about the decision to use Plame's work at CIA against Wilson in advance, though given the high-level working group assembled at the White House to go to war with Wilson, it's reasonable to suspect that he did. But at a minimum the president has known about this as long as the rest of us -- that is, almost exactly two years.

And he -- unlike anyone else in the country -- had the power to call Rove into his office and ask him whether he did this or knew who did?

Whether he knew before or after, he's known for a very long time. And pretty clearly he didn't want Rove held to any account. Indeed, he's gone to great lengths to prevent this from happening. And of course few reporters in DC have cared to press this essential point.