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Who will back down

Who will back down first in the Mike Medved - Rep. Chris Chocola (R) grudge match?

As we noted yesterday, Rock the Vote's Hans Riemer went on Medved's show yesterday. And Medved not only denied that any Republican was for 'privatization' but once Hans confronted Medved with the Count's October 2000 quote (one of perhaps a million examples) endorsing total privatization of Social Security, Medved denied that Chocola was even a real congressman.

Now, admittedly, this places us in a somewhat compromised position, because we've never thought of the Count as a real congressman either. Still, you wouldn't think this is a charge the Count himself would sit still for.

Please let us know if Medved cuts the Count any slack on his show today or whether he keeps up his anti-Count crusade.

Late Update: Hans himself has an update. Check it out.

A criminal investigation into

A criminal investigation into why those three non-Bush-loyalists were booted from the Bamboozlepalooza event in Denver back in March?

A local TV station reports that the lawyer for the three says his clients were questioned yesterday as "part of an investigation into whether a man dressed in a dark suit and wearing an earpiece criminally impersonated a Secret Service agent when he escorted the three Denver residents out of the March 21 event."

The local office of the Secret Service confirmed that they are conducting a continuing investigation but declined to comment on the specifics.

Theyve even made it

They've even made it into the Washington Times: "Yesterday, for example, [RNC Chair Ken] Mehlman hosted a conference call with College Republicans to rally support for the Bush nominees. But today, two Democratic senators -- Jon Corzine of New Jersey and Charles E. Schumer of New York -- will join Princeton University students in a mock filibuster in front of the Capitol Building."

Privatization Bamboozle Michael Medved

Privatization Bamboozle Michael Medved Meltdown.

And the reality is even weirder than that convoluted phrase. See this post for the details.

The Count even gets dragged into the action.

(ed.note: Believe me, you won't want to miss this one.)

Corzine and Schumer to

Corzine and Schumer to join student filibuster!

No word yet on Frist family offer to rename Capitol building 'Frist Center for Government'. Developing ...

TPM Reader FL adds

TPM Reader FL adds to RM's comments: "RM's argument on the need for stable Social Security benefits is reenforced by an argument by Zvi Bodie (a BU finance professor) made on NPR last night. PBGC (for whom Bodie consults) is supposed to be self-financing. Inheriting the UAL pension system will require that PBGC raise insurance rates on remaining defined benefit plans. Higher insurance rates will accelerate employer moves out of defined benefit plans and over to 401K's."