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One thing that does

One thing that does seem very clear tonight -- at least if what I'm hearing from the exits is true -- is that the much-ballyhooed youth vote simply did not show up. Simple as that.

That is a remarkable turnabout from the expectations that had been growing over the last week. And Democrats weren't the only ones who bought into the idea. Public pollsters and even Republicans in the final days of the campaign were coming to believe it too. And that shaped expectations greatly.

Whatever happens tonight a lot of thought and study will go into just what happened. Was it a mirage? Was it a problem with the GOTV operation? It can't simply be the later. Even the best ground operation can only amplify a demographic trend or spike that has some deeper socio-political basis.

Why no more network

Why no more network coverage of the flurry of lawsuits across Ohio? This is what the election is coming down to. And it's not being reported. Interviews with party chairs, no coverage of where the election is being decided.

Across the board the

Across the board the story is the same in Ohio, a lawsuit strategy from Republicans is causing delays and shutdowns in precincts that remained open to allow people who were already in line to vote. Lawsuits create delays; folks leave.

What were hearing is

What we're hearing is that Florida is too close to call. In Ohio, the GOP is pulling out all the stops, frankly, to steal it in the courts, trying to get courts to stop voting for people who were already in line when the polls closed, ruling against provisional ballots, the whole nine yards. It's wall to wall ugly.

Republicans make a lot

Republicans make a lot about letting the people decide elections and not lawyers. But that's not how it's turning out tonight. Across the east and into the midwest, they're hitting the courts at every opportunity, trying to cut off as many opportunities to vote as possible.

In Allegheny County Pennsylvania

In Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, polling stations ran out of provisional ballots and voters were turned away through the day. Voting officials worked the overtime getting more ballots prepared. And now a judge has ordered that voters can come to the City-County building until 9:30 PM -- 90 minutes after the close of voting -- to vote by provisional ballot.

This is contrary to some published reports (CNN) that all the polls are open in the county.

Needless to say the

Needless to say, the gonzos on Fox -- acting on orders from you-know-who, no doubt -- are still parroting the phony story about vote fraud in Philly, which was debunked hours ago. This is just the beginning.