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Staten Island Congressman Vito

Staten Island Congressman Vito Fossella (R) tries to bamboozle constituents spinning <$NoAd$> them with the same old 'privatization' word games.

From today's Staten Island Advance ...

Rep. Vito Fossella told senior citizens at the New Dorp Beach Friendship Club yesterday that he is against privatizing Social Security.

"Let me be clear," Fossella (R-Staten Island/Brooklyn) told over 130 seniors at the center. "I do not support the privatization of Social Security, I never have and I never will."

However, Fossella said he wouldn't rule out "exploring" with House lawmakers the concept of allowing young workers to set aside part of their payroll taxes into personal market accounts instead of contributing the money to the Social Security system.

Here's some more info about New Yorkers trying to get Fossella to phase out his support for phase-out.

Chris Matthews stumbles then

Chris Matthews stumbles, then tries to get right with the president's Social Security Speech Code.

From last night's Hardball: "All these programs, one which will privatize this, personalize, to some extent, Social Security."

Who got to Sherry

Who got to Sherry Boehlert? Did they make him an offer he couldn't refuse?

We knew the day would come, but we can see here that the days of trials have begun for the Conscience Caucus.

Just shy of two weeks ago Rep. Sherwood Boehlert (R) of New York told his constituents: "I’ve never been a gambler … I don’t want to gamble with Social Security trust fund moneys. And so I am very, very skeptical of the so-called plans to privatize. And I think a disservice is being done to a great many Americans by sort of sounding the alarm that everything’s going to hell in a hand basket and we’re going to be broke by 2018. That simply is not so."

But look at today's Poughkeepsie Journal and see what a change a few days back in DC has wrought: "Boehlert said he needs to hear more details before deciding whether to support the [President's Social Security] plan. But he praised Bush for trying to tackle the politically difficult issue."

So, now, not only is Boehlert open to supporting the president's phase-out plan, he's also praising him for trying to fool the public into thinking the program is going broke.

Perhaps some of his constituents can throw Sherry a lifeline. But for the moment we're going to have to shift him to the new Conscience Caucus "CUP" ("Caving under the pressure") status.

Presidents new Social Security

President's new Social Security speech code defied at the Times!

Robin Toner goes with "private Social Security accounts" and "private accounts," but not a 'personal account' to be seen anywhere.

She even gets freaky with "privatize" ...