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Have We Always Known?

When I read the latest news about professional football and chronic brain injuries, I'm reminded of a conversation I had with my father, probably going on forty years ago. This was in the late 1970s, when I was very young. My father was a scientist but a marine botanist - so not expertise that had any immediate relevance to these questions. In any case, he didn't suggest that what he told me was based on anything more than experience, watching.

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The Dream Shall Never Die

Mayor Rob Ford officially withdraws from Mayor's race, to be replaced on ticket by brother Doug Ford, city council member.

Ford is currently hospitalized with an abdominal tumor - results of a biopsy will reportedly not be known for a week.

Beware The Obamacare Apocalypse!

Back in May, Dylan Scott first brought you the story about a free clinic in Tacoma, Washington, that was closing because Obamacare had succeeded in providing all of the clinic's would-be patients with health care coverage. It was one of the those small but telling examples of the ways the heath care reform law was working.

Now The Daily Show has done a segment on the clinic, putting on camera the doctor and nurse we initially interviewed, in a Colbert-style attempt to get them to admit that Obamacare has been TERRIBLE:

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