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No Rubespocalypse?

We now have a number of polls that give us a some look into the fall-out from Saturday night's debate. The picture is mixed. We have two tracking polls which show a slight downtick for Rubio (ARG and UMass Lowell) and one (CNN/WBUR) which shows a slight uptick. Notably the last is the only one that includes some interviews from today.

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Bubble Boy

I will say that I have serious doubts that Bloomberg for President will survive first contact with the Hudson River. I say this as someone who thinks Bloomberg did or continued a lot of good things in New York City. But I strongly suspect that a Bloomberg for President insurgency would create a movement on the scale of Lieberman for President.

After all, he wants your gun, your soda and your union card. Should go great.

Bill, Bill, Bill

As someone who's just loved Bill Clinton since I was right out of college, I feel like this is about to get painful. He's now going after Bernie Sanders. And he's (rightly) saying he needs to be careful about what he says as the election gets "hotter." Yes, you do, Bill. You really do.

The attacks I heard yesterday don't seem terribly out of line. I think there's a good argument that Sanders somewhat one-dimensional diagnosis of the country's ills doesn't capture the fullness of the challenges we face as a country. But now we're also seeing the inevitable rumor mill about a post New Hampshire Clinton campaign shake up. This is starting to feel a lot like how 2008 did when Barack Obama started to look like he was an existential threat to Hillary Clinton's campaign.

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Flying Blind

We will of course know soon enough. But I just wanted to flag that we have almost no New Hampshire poll data since the Rubio debacle at the Saturday night debate. With the exception of the two tracking polls conducted by UMass Lowell and ARG, all the late polls (Monmouth, CNN/UNH/WMUR, Franklin Pierce) finished collecting their sample sometime on Saturday. So they may have made a few calls after or during the debate. But nothing after the Rubot press frenzy began. And probably few if any after it even happened.

Those two tracking polls both show Rubio tracking down one point between yesterday and today. That's hard to read too much into. But that can mean Sundays numbers came in poorly but we offset by Saturday and Fridays numbers.

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Tough Guy

When it comes to playing 'dominance politics', it is all about showing, not saying. And boy did Chris Christie ever show it with his surgical disembowelment of Marco Rubio on Saturday night. (He removed so many of Rubio's organs that it almost turns into an issue of co-pays and insurance coverage.) But I wanted to flag the Trumpesque, tough guy language he used the next day on CNN's Sunday show ... (emphasis added)

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