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We've Entered The Silly Season

A group styling itself the "Wisconsin Poll Watcher Militia" makes crazy claims on Facebook about sending armed members to polling places to intimidate Democratic voters. Local media pick up on it, election officials begin to look into it, rival Facebook pages pop up to "watch the watchers." But then the "group" says it was just trolling all along. Caitlin MacNeal reports on the wackiness in Wisconsin.


Seeing repeated cable news commentary on how Eric Holder was a particular target of vilification from Capitol Hill as a proxy for animus toward President Obama. Why Holder? Something missing from this commentary?


NPR and others reporting that Eric Holder will announce as soon as today that he will be stepping down as attorney general once a successor is chosen.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong Here?

The most compelling figure in our story on armed contractors patrolling private lands in northern California for illegal marijuana farms is the beleaguered county sheriff: "Honestly, what could possibly go wrong here? A lot more things are going to go wrong than are going to go right." Read it.

Yep, We Need Dashcams

This video will blow your mind.

On the plus side, the officer in question was fired from the South Carolina Highway Patrol and has now been charged with aggravated assault. But here's the story (with video). White Highway Patrol officer stops a black man for a seat belt violation outside Columbia, SC. The state trooper Sean Groubert, 31, asks the driver for his license. The driver, Levar Jones, reaches into the car to retrieve his license - at which point Groubert screams "get out of the car" and proceeds to unload four or five rounds from his pistol into Jones at close to point blank range.

Dashcam video after the jump ...

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You Say You Want a Reformation

Back in what we might call the glory days of the 'War on Terror' - by which I mean that handful of years in which various armchair warriors and big-thinkers tried to manufacture an ideology out of America's post-9/11 trauma - there was this frequent refrain that the 'problem' with the Muslim world was that, unlike Europe, Islam had never had a Reformation. And with the recent resurgence of terrorism punditry, I'm hearing the same idea bandied about again.

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