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LOL. Anti-Iran Deal Farce Hits Crescendo

I've been meaning to write more about the on-going farce which is the opposition to the world powers deal to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon. But I just came across a hilarious story which really brings together the tragic, tendentious and hysterical (yes, both meanings) nature of this drama. I just learned that Joe Lieberman, storied Middle East hawk, has joined United Against Nuclear Iran as its new Chairman. UANI is one of several pressure groups now rolling out massive ad campaigns against the deal bankrolled by assorted billionaires.

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About That Poll

So we've got our first poll. And it looks like GOP party leaders and a lot of pundits are in for a bit of a surprise since at least as of yesterday Donald Trump appears to have paid zero price for his performance at the GOP debate or for his continuing antics in the two days after.

As you have probably seen, I've already outlined my argument for why this would be so here and here.

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