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Breaking: 2 NYPD Officers Shot

Two New York City police officers were shot this evening in the Bronx just after 10:30 Monday evening. They were responding to a robbery. Neither officers' injuries appear to be life-threatening. A major manhunt is currently underway.

NYPD officials do not believe the officers were targeted.

The Great Hollowing Out

This is another in my on-going series of posts on the politics and economics of wealth inequality - perhaps the key political and economic puzzle and problem of our time. As we've noted before, the trend toward greater concentration of wealth at the top is most extreme in the US and to a lesser extent in the UK and Canada which are closer to our economic model than other European countries and Japan. This post from November has a good chart illustrating the relative trends (third chart down). But this new study comes at the same data from a distinct and frankly jarring perspective.

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