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Neocons Tempt Irony Gods With Last Ditch Anti-Iran Deal Pitch

Bloomberg View: Obama Plays Politics of Fear to Get His Iran Deal

Tablet Magazine: With Iran Deal Under Review, the Obama Administration Tries to Bait Three Jewish Senators

We are now either in the 9th or extra innings in the long, drawn-out, increasingly bizarre and mendacious fight over the global powers agreement to curb Iran's nuclear program. Depending on which poll you look at, Americans either support the deal, are flatly opposed to the deal or have mixed opinions. It's probably fairest to say that we don't really know or there may in fact be no answer since it is an issue that very few people actually know the details about. So it matters greatly how you ask the question. In general, if you ask with the catch phrase, you get a negative answer. If you provide a bare explanation of what the deal includes, you get a supportive answer.

But all this is efforts to get at reality. Let's move on to the spin.

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Jeb: I'm "not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health."

Jeb: I "misspoke" about women's health.