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That Press Conference Went Well

In Waukesha, Wisconsin today, a group of business leaders held a press conference to press Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. The event was part of a so-called National Day of Action for Immigration Reform - coordinated by various groups including the US Chamber of Commerce and Mike Bloomberg's Partnership for a new economy. But things got kinda of weird when a local developer named Dagoberto Ibarra got up to make an impassioned speech which ended with him say ""I'm not seeing anybody doing anything. This is the most useless Congress in the last eight years, because a n----r is in charge."

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Mars, Bitches

TPM Reader MM chimes in on Mars' new entry into the climate change culture wars ...

I’ve been involved with Mars research on and off since 1973, when Carl Sagan published my first paper — on photostimulated oxidation in the Martian environment (essentially, how Mars got to be tawny or ochre-colored, to oversimplify a bit) -- in the journal Icarus, of which he was then both publisher and editor. I’m not involved currently in any NASA missions, or in academic research related to Mars, but I have a pretty good understanding of what we think Mars is like now, and of the various theories that have come, gone, and stuck around to explain how we think it got to be that way.

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Prime Sign Up Update

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