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This Is Critical: Hillary Can't Back Down

Let me take a moment to address this "basket of deplorables" comment because I think it's critically important to get this right. Hillary Clinton has simply said what is the premise of most election coverage of the 2016 campaign: a big chunk of Trump supporters are haters. Racists, misogynists, people who are angry at the social and demographic changes in the country that most Americans see as progress. They want to stop it in its tracks and they want payback for what has happened already. To emphasize the point, this is not just what she and likely the great majority of her supporters believe. It has been the premise of most reporting on the campaign and validated by a vast cache of public opinion data confirming these points.

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My New Podcast

If you like podcasts, here's the debut episode of my new podcast, The Josh Marshall Show. In this first episode, I talk to Stuart Stevens, the top strategist for Mitt Romney in 2012. We talk about how he got into politics, growing up in Mississippi, the books he's written and of course the rise of Donald Trump. You can listen here (sub req).

Extreme Contradiction

Tierney Sneed reports from the Values Voter Summit in DC, where this comment from Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) may sum up the extreme contradiction that Trump poses for evangelicals: "I’d like to elect a godly man, but we don’t have that choice.”

Larry King to Trump: Sad!

So this required two fearless TPMers to make a fairly deep dive into the byzantine post-CNN Larry King media universe. But the upshot is that King's production company makes clear that Trump was always booked for “PoliticKING with Larry King", the video show that appears on RT (the Russian state owned news channel formerly known as Russia Today.)

This is contrary to Team Trump's claim that they were booked on King's podcast.

Watch This

Here's a fun moment just a short while ago on MSNBC when Chuck Todd explains how right-wing media has been going pro-Putin for years now - well in advance of Trump's pro-Putinism. What he describes is entirely accurate. But what's great about the clip is that as Chuck describes it you can see in his facial expression that "Can This Possibly Be True What I'm Saying?" look on his face that we all have to frequently have with the disturbing and increasingly sick turn of our national politics. Watch.