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Colorado Number Crunching

Dylan Scott reports on how the 2 million vote threshold in Colorado is a key metric for the Senate race. More than 2 million voters and Dems think they have a chance to pull it out.

Josh Green has been reporting from Colorado and weighs in, saying that even if Udall hits the 2 million mark, which they're now expecting to do, the voters are skewing older than the Udall campaign wanted, which puts those projections in some doubt.

So Where To Watch?

A few thoughts to make sense of the evening ...

I think we've got relative confidence of the outcomes of the most of the races. For Dems, New Hampshire and North Carolina. For the GOP, Kentucky, Arkansas and (alas) Colorado. I'm not saying these are certain. Just we've got a pretty good idea what's probably going to happen.

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Ready to Rumble

Okay, folks, it's almost showtime. Our whole team is going to be with you through the evening bringing you results, commentary, reader emails, victory speeches and concessions and even county by country break-downs when things get weird. So join us, share your thoughts with us via email and get ready for a bumpy ride.

Ask Me Anything

I wanted to let you know that I'll be doing an AMA on Reddit on Friday (11/7) at 1PM. Join me. Ask me anything. Just not anything to whacked. Or I guess that's okay too.

See Something, Say Something - To Us!

As they say at the airports and subways, if you see something, say something - to us! Remember: on big news event days, we really rely on you to be our eyes and ears. We've been doing this for more than a decade and we rely on the emails we get in to our staff email account, which you can see linked at the top of the page. If you see something in person, if you see a story moving on the local news, wherever and whenever, let us know. We'll be waiting for your tips and have our whole team primed to jump right on them.

White on White Violence Hits NASCAR

There are consequences when we define deviancy down and ideas do matter. Fresh off the Palin Brawl from this summer, yesterday we had another incident of high-profile white on white violence. How much acceptance of the Palin incident played into this latest flare up cannot be known. Now the venue was NASCAR, an important part of white folk culture which is a source of camaraderie and good times for responsible white families. Yesterday, though, at the AAA Texas 500 Brad Keselowski and Jeff Gordon got into an angry off track brawl which eventually pulled in various members of their crews and hangers on.

Video after the jump ...

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