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Put a Fork in Him

Jeb Bush says a new TV ad attacking his brother, put together by an outside Democratic group, is "disgraceful." This comes after Jeb himself put out a meme after last week's debate embracing his "he kept us" safe line from his exchange with celebrity businessman Donald Trump. It's hard to see what exactly is "disgraceful" about criticizing the record of a former president just because he happens to be another candidate's brother. Indeed, as Amanda Marcotte notes here, the "he kept us safe" line is problematic on the merits, unless you consider the catastrophic 9/11 attacks the world's most epic presidential mulligan. Even post-9/11, which of course is what the defenders want to focus on, getting the country embroiled in the catastrophic and terrorism irrelevant Iraq War doesn't look like such a great idea in retrospect either.

But for the purposes of 2016, I'd argue that all these substantive points are borderline irrelevant.

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The South Shall Spel Again!

Pro-Confederate flag group trolls civil rights rally with a civil rights rally with aerial overflight message extolling the Confederacy. Alas, they misspelled the message.

Poll of The Day

A new Insight poll of our readers.

We asked 2800 respondents, "If you were convinced that the only way to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon was to launch a military strike to destroy its weapons facilities, would you support such an action?"

Results after the jump.

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Let's Go to the Video!

Surveillance video of Paul/Rubio staffer brawl emerges. And, well, if this what Team Rubio calls a "punch" I think the national security numbers may begin to fall. Watch!

Keeping Carly's Secrets

Press failures, especially massive ones, tend to be right there in plain site and yet totally invisible, entirely ignored. And yet we have a massive one coming out of Wednesday night's Republican debate that the press seems inclined or insisting on totally ignoring. Commentators are toasting Carly Fiorina as the break-out winner of the debate. And yet she not only made a string of false statements, or claims that showed a willful disregard for or ignorance of reality, she almost certainly manufactured a bogus memory entirely out of whole cloth. And all of this is cast into particularly high relief since Fiorina went into the debate intent on branding Hillary Clinton as a liar. "Her track record of lying about Benghazi, of lying about her e- mails, about lying about her servers," is something Hillary will have to answer for, Fiorina bellowed in the debate.

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