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Are the Pauls Ebola Truthers?

Over the weekend, I wrote a couple posts and engaged with various folks on Twitter about the emerging Ebola Truth Movement, the mix of various voices, mainly on the right, either questioning what we know about Ebola, suggesting that public health officials are hiding the truth or simply saying they won't be patsies for the virology elite.

But is the far-right Paul clan (Ron and Rand) also Ebola Truther? Seems they might be.

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Must Read

Did you know there was an anti-government, cop-killer on the loose in the Poconos who's managed to evade a huge manhunt for weeks? And it's not like they don't know where he is. They thought they had him cornered a couple times but - in part because law enforcement weren't sure how many booby traps he'd set - he managed to slip away. Also, he's really into paint ball rifle games and Serbian war criminals and reenacting awesome battles from World War II.

She's Still In It

Most election watchers were figuring McConnell was opening up a real lead over Alison Lundergan Grimes. But a fresh poll out this morning (Survey USA) shows her two points ahead. Just one poll obviously and a really tough state. But it's still a race apparently. McConnell could still go down.

From the Bundy Ranch to the Senate?

In each state we have our own senators. But we all have a national interest in the kind of people who get the Senate, whether they have extremist beliefs or are simply dangerous in a general sense. Which brings us to Iowa's Joni Ernst. As we reported exclusively on Friday, Ernst told supporters that she supports allowing your county Sheriff to arrest federal officials who are involved in implementing the Affordable Care Act. This is thinking right off the Bundy Ranch and the militia compounds up in the inland Northwest - preposterous in terms of US law and insane in general terms. And she stands a good chance of joining the US Senate next year. We've had fringers militia types of this variety in the House before. But it's been a very long time since one has slipped into the Senate.