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The D'oh to End All D'ohs

Back in the late 90s at The American Prospect I edited an article and became interested in the somewhat obscure but high-stakes debate over whether to destroy the last stocks of the smallpox virus, which was finally eradicated in nature in the 1980. The Russians and the US both have remaining stockpiles, under intense technical and security protection at two laboratories, one in each country. So that's where the debate still remained - except for the vials of smallpox virus in a cardboard box a government scientist found while cleaning out a storage closet near Washington last week.

'He Single-Handedly Protects Alaska'

This has got to be the most transparently contrived "feud" between two politicians of the same party that I've ever seen. It's Mark Begich (D-AK), running for re-election in a tight race that could tip the balance in the Senate, taking on Claire McCaskill (D-MO), whose own re-election in 2012 was fraught until the GOP nominated Todd Akin. After letting Begich knock her around for a few days on an issue of great importance to Alaskans, McCaskill really "retaliated" today in a statement to TPM: "There has consistently been one problem—Mark Begich. He single-handedly protects Alaska and the ANCs.”

How dastardly!

Dylan Scott explains the whole thing.