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Times Change

I graduated from college going on twenty-five years ago and one of my college friends was Gil Steinlauf. We went to college together, then lost touch, then reconnected some years ago through Facebook or perhaps just an email. We exchanged a few notes. No more. But I've watched from a distance as he became an increasingly prominent rabbi, both in Washington, DC where he's the senior rabbi at the Adas Israel congregation and also nationally.

Then today I saw a post from Gil on my Facebook feed about "personal news" he'd just shared with his congregation, about gratitude for support, compassion. My gut tightened. Clearly something weighty, serious. My first thought was an illness. Happily, no.

The news was that Gil and his wife have decided to divorce because Gil has come to the realization that he is gay.

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Top Issue

Not surprisingly, Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal have put us on notice that total opposition to gay marriage and support for a constitutional amendment to ban it will be key to the 2016 GOP primary campaign.

Are the Pauls Ebola Truthers?

Over the weekend, I wrote a couple posts and engaged with various folks on Twitter about the emerging Ebola Truth Movement, the mix of various voices, mainly on the right, either questioning what we know about Ebola, suggesting that public health officials are hiding the truth or simply saying they won't be patsies for the virology elite.

But is the far-right Paul clan (Ron and Rand) also Ebola Truther? Seems they might be.

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Must Read

Did you know there was an anti-government, cop-killer on the loose in the Poconos who's managed to evade a huge manhunt for weeks? And it's not like they don't know where he is. They thought they had him cornered a couple times but - in part because law enforcement weren't sure how many booby traps he'd set - he managed to slip away. Also, he's really into paint ball rifle games and Serbian war criminals and reenacting awesome battles from World War II.