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Understanding the New Obamacare Numbers

For months we've been getting various different metrics purporting to show the success or failure of Obamacare. There are a bunch of different numbers, different reporting methods by state, an orchard of apples and oranges. And behind all these uncertainties you have the question of how many of the people who've gotten coverage under some flavor of Obamacare are actually newly covered - as opposed to people who simply traded one kind of insurance for another. The 7.1 million private sector sign ups number got all the attention this week. But getting less attention have been a series of new reports using distinct, though internally consistent approaching to quantifying just how many more people have coverage today than did before Obamacare.

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Unemployment Holds Steady

New jobs report just out: economy added 192,000 jobs; unemployment steady at 6.7%; upward revisions of January and February.

Mystery Phone Call Emerges in Rob Ford Scandal

Okay, first the overview.

There's a mystery phone call emerging at the center of the Rob Ford scandal and shortly after that phone call Mayor Rob Ford's 'associate' / bodyguard / driver / goon Sandro Lisi tells someone to cough up the crack video or “you’re fucking dead and everyone on your block is dead." To another gentleman in the local drug commerce community, Lisi predicted: “Tell all his boys that it’s going to get worse and worse, all summer, until that phone gets back and that the whole place is going to get lit up."

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Do You Work For Koch Industries?

You may have seen the piece we published earlier this evening about Koch Industries asking employees to embrace and share owner Charles Koch's "vision" of a free society and the threat it faces from the collectivist menace. This is a big, big company. According to the Koch website, the various divisions and subsidiaries and company operating under the Koch Industries banner operate in more than 60 countries and have more than 100,000 employees. But based on our reporting, in at least some parts of it, there's a pretty heavy climate of propagandizing the Koch "vision" of a free society: courses, emails to staffers, just a pervasive climate of the Kochian view of the world, which as we saw from today's WSJ oped seems to have a distinctly Perkinsian flavor to it.

In a 100,000 operation there must be a lot of people who don't share the vision. So if you're in this category and you work for Koch or one of its subsidiaries, can you drop us a line? We'd love to hear the details.

We promise complete anonymity.

My Brittle Grip Series

I don't think I've ever done this before. But I've had a number of readers write in today asking that I link to each post from the "brittle grip" series I've been doing - the most recent of which was this morning. If you're new to this: it's a series of posts (going back a couple years) about the seemingly growing insecurity of vast wealth, even as the power of the wealthiest Americans - judged by most conceivable metrics - has risen dramatically over recent years and certain over the last few decades. What's behind a Tom Perkins Kristallnacht outburst? The antipathy of Wall Street toward President Obama? The widespread belief among the very wealthiest Americans (let's say centimillionaires) that wealth is under siege.

The Brittle Grip ... May 21st, 2012

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