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PollTracker Daily #1

With the election now a mere four weeks away, starting today we're going to be reviewing the most noteworthy and important polls from the last 24 hours. It won't be encyclopedic. For that, check out PollTracker. Here I'll be looking at the key soundings that give us new insight or evidence into November's outcome - especially the battle for the Senate, though we'll be looking at all races. If once a day isn't enough, remember, download PollTracker Mobile, the only mobile app that notifies you on your iPhone or Android device every time a new poll is released in a race you're following.

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How The Threats Against Obama Have Evolved

For a variety of pretty good reasons, we've never really known the extent of the threat Barack Obama has faced as the nation's first black president. But one of the silver linings to the Secret Service scandal of recent days may be that some of the people in a position to know are providing more details than we've previously had about how serious that threat has been and how it's changed over time.

From Juliet Eilperin's piece today in the Post, this stands out:

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The Final Indignity

Yesterday afternoon Ted Cruz (R-TX) exploded with a sputtering, outraged response to the Supreme Court's non-decision decision to allow marriage equality to go into effect in eleven more states (5 states immediately effected; 6 more effectively legalized). This came after the epic press release from the National Organization for Marriage, an historic primal scream in which the group pulled out every adjective their minds could muster in response to seeing their group's raison d'etre slip out of the universe - "furious word salad", as our gifted headline writers put it.

For most of us this was a decision all about dignity. But for the opponents of marriage equality it really did amount to the final indignity.

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