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Umm. No

It's good for yucks that presidential candidate Ben Carson thinks that the Dred Scott decision shows the President does not have to abide the rulings of the Supreme Court. That is, in fact, not what it shows. Perhaps there's a revolutionary or moral argument. But in historical terms and in terms of constitutional practice that is most definitely not what it shows.

And as historian Kevin Kruse points out, we have no less an authority on this point than Abraham Lincoln, who laid it out explicitly in his speech on ... Dred Scott.

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Thanks to everyone who signed up for our survey. The data as usual is fascinating. I'll be sharing some of it in posts.

Yep, JEB is FKD

We've now seen Jeb Bush make what many saw as an eye-popping statement yesterday and now seen a former top advisor saying he now claims that he misunderstood the question which prompted that statement. There are some details to work through. Ana Navarro does not currently work for Gov. Bush (at least that's my understanding), so we don't know for certain yet whether she is speaking for him in this case or providing the campaign's position. (This isn't to doubt her. We just need to hear this from an official representative.) But the upshot is that Jeb Bush's campaign is looked pretty screwed at the moment. And here's why.

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Oh Noes!

This looks to be a long, long day for Jeb Bush. A former staffer who is close to Jeb, Republican strategist Ana Navarro, just said that the former Florida governor told her he'd misheard Megyn Kelly's question about whether he still thought invading Iraq was a good idea with all we know now.

Video coming shortly.

And here it is.

Just Shake Your Head

I always try to remind myself not to criticize with stories like the one I'm about to describe, or perhaps better to say, not to forget the core reason for providing a comprehensive national plan to provide health insurance for everyone who needs it. But this story really puts that sentiment to the test, as well as exposing the perverse politics and perceptions on this issue in Republican-run states.

Luis Lang needs an expensive eye operation to save his eyesight. But he can't afford it, can't get covered for the procedure and he blames President Obama and his over-complicated ACA legislation.

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