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World's Biggest Idiot Gets Schooled

Rick Santelli, famously in 2009, by one measure launched the "Tea Party" with an epic rant about how big government was crushing capitalism while it was actually in the midst of saving it. Since then he's been wrong about every economic question worth being asked. One of the CNBCers got tired of his nonsense today and this happened. Watch.

Hiring: Design Fellow

We're hiring a Design Fellow to work out of New York City office. This is a salaried (including benefits), six month position, with the opportunity to become a permanent member of our staff at the end of the fellowship. This is an entry level position. We're looking for someone with a basic knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, HTLM5/CSS3 and Javascript who is looking to learn a lot quickly about design in the digital news space.

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Breaking Everyone's Narrative

The Palestinian Envoy to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva tells Palestinian Authority TV that the PA needs to be prudent about appeals to the Human Rights Council because every Hamas rocket - fired indiscriminately and without warning into civilian areas - constitutes a "crime against humanity." He also notes reports from Gaza about how the IDF is sending advance evacuation warnings before bombing attacks. This candor will and is being seized on by supporters of Israel. But it's just as much as rebuke to the rejectionist right in Israel who claim there's no partner for peace among the Palestinians.

There's a path to end all of this. Not just this flare-up but the whole conflict. It's there. It just needs to be taken.

Just 44 to Go Now Just 7 To Go!

We're coming up on the finish line in our 6 week Prime membership drive. We need just 44 7 more signups to get to our final goal of 2000 new members. Just think you can end these membership drive posts! It's only 44 7 signups away! Seriously, though, this is very important for TPM. Join us. Click right here.