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More Coming on Social Security

As we noted yesterday, to the surprise of even me, House Republicans have put in place a new rule aimed at manufacturing a Social Security funding crisis - with the apparent aim of returning (a decade later) to efforts to start pruning the program. We've been digging in to find out just what the plan seems to be and we'll be bringing you a follow up tomorrow. Stay tuned.

What's Happening in the States?

As you can see from my note below, I'm extremely interested in this House Republican rule change which appears aimed at triggering a manufactured crisis in Social Security financing - and laying the groundwork for cuts in the program. We're going to follow up on this story aggressively today and going forwar and try to find out and share with you as much as we can about what's behind it, what's likely to emerge from it and more. Stay tuned. I'm also very interested - over the next couple years - in finding out what is going in the states.

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