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Did Josh Dugger Sue the State of Arkansas?

I noted earlier that Joseph Hutchens, the former Arkansas State Trooper now serving a lengthy child porn sentence, says that Jim Bob Duggar dramatically underplayed the scope and scale of son Josh Duggar's instances of molestation when he brought Josh to talk to Hutchens in 2003. Now, though, In Touch Weekly is reporting that in 2007, when Josh Dugger was 19 he sued the Arkansas Department of Human Services to prevent them from making a finding against him or possibly to prevent on-going monitoring of his interactions with his sisters.

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We've got your FIFA corruption scandal covered: 5 Points on the investigation that is rocking international soccer, This Chart on how the allegedly corrupt enterprise worked, and the full indictment to peruse at the bottom here. In depth enough for soccer fans, accessible enough for muckraking fans!

Disgraced Pedophile Trooper Contradicts Jim Bob Duggar's Story

So Joseph Hutchens, the pedophile former Arkansas State Trooper, now doing 56 years on a child porn conviction, says Jim Bob Duggar lied when he told police he'd taken son Josh Duggar to see Hutchens for a talking to about fondling young girls. Hutchens says Duggar dramatically downplayed what was known - claiming it was a single incident with a single girl and only through her clothes rather than multiple times with multiple girls, etc. Here's the latest.

Sepp Blatter Escapes ... For Now

If there's anything amusing about this morning's FIFA raid and indictments, it's that most of the stories hasten to point out -- often in the headline -- that FIFA president Sepp Blatter was not himself indicted. Because any story about FIFA corruption usually begins and ends with Blatter. The New York Times, for example: FIFA Officials Are Arrested on Corruption Charges; Sepp Blatter Isn't Among Them. For a point of reference, here's that remarkable Sepp Blatter takedown from John Oliver last summer.


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