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Republican senators are calling on House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) to attach spending limits to an Obamacare program in a bill that must pass in the lame-duck session to keep the federal government open.

The strategy carries echoes of the 2013 government shutdown fight waged by the GOP over defunding Obamacare, although with smaller ambitions this time.

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On Wednesday afternoon, Justice Anthony Kennedy revised his order from hours earlier so as to declare that same-sex marriages can move forward in Nevada — but not in Idaho, at least for now.

The Supreme Court justice's original order put on hold a ruling on Tuesday by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which consolidated cases from Nevada and Idaho and struck down both states' gay marriage bans.

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Democrats have already pulled off one unthinkable ploy this year in Kansas, dropping their own candidate and leaving an independent (who sounds a lot like a Democrat) who is currently holding a solid lead against the GOP incumbent.

Now things are getting interesting in South Dakota, where Sen. Tim Johnson (D) is not seeking re-election and which until now had been written off as a Republican gain in November. Big money from an unexpected source is starting to spill into the race to give Democratic candidate Rick Weiland a boost, and polling shows that Republican candidate Mike Rounds hasn't been able to build a foolproof lead with an independent candidate muddying the campaign.

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A judge in South Carolina began to accept marriage applications from same-sex couples in Charleston County at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, sparking some confusion because the state's ban on gay marriage remains in effect.

Armeeda Collins, clerk for Charleston County Probate Judge Irvin G. Condon, told TPM that there's a mandatory 24-hour waiting period upon application for receiving a marriage license. But she said the court will move forward and grant licenses unless the Supreme Court steps in.

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Conservatives aren't sure what to make of a single case of Ebola appearing on American shores last week. But they are quite certain that they can't trust what President Barack Obama or any other liberal elites tell them or do about it.

The lines of thought range widely. Is the scientifically verified claim that Eloba cannot be transmitted through the air a "canard"? Is the government so inept that it can't contain Ebola now that it's here? Is Obama's refusal to issue some kind of comprehensive travel ban for the African countries where the current Ebola epidemic started an indictment of liberal dreams of diversity and political correctness? These and more have made appearances on the right in recent days and weeks.

But the one common thread is that -- one way or another -- Obama and company have clearly done something wrong. Or they will.

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