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It was the first official White House press briefing of the Trump era, and after tearing into the media about their coverage of the inauguration, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer did not take a single question from reporters.

Spicer's unorthodox message and posture signified a major shift in the way the Trump administration will deal with the White House press corps.

"There's talk in the media of holding Donald Trump accountable, and I'm here to tell you it goes two ways," Spicer said. "We are going to hold the press accountable, as well."

Spicer's frustration was visible Saturday evening as he spoke quickly and called the media's actions irresponsible.

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WASHINGTON -- Thousands of men wearing Planned Parenthood gear and carrying signs reading "the future is female" joined the sea of women in pink "pussyhats" assembled for Saturday's Women's March on Washington. There were fathers, boyfriends, sons, trans people and friends of the marchers.

Despite a flurry of stories predicting that men may not understand that they were welcome at the march, they turned out in droves.

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The Senate confirmed retired Marine General James “Mad Dog” Mattis to serve as President Donald Trump’s defense secretary Friday. His nomination was allowed to move forward after Congress passed a special waiver, signed into law by Trump Friday, to exempt Mattis from a ban on military officials taking the position within seven years of their service. The vote was 98 to 1.

Given that the waiver was passed last week overwhelmingly -- 81 to 17 in the Senate -- it’s no surprise the Mattis also sailed through his official confirmation vote.

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Senate leaders came to a deal late Friday afternoon over how to proceed on Rep. Mike Pompeo's (R-KS) confirmation vote to CIA director after a disagreement that threatened to drag out the debate well into the evening's Inauguration Day festivities. The Senate went forward with a procedural vote to begin the debate on his confirmation, but will hold the vote on the confirmation itself on Monday.

Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and other GOP leaders had previously threatened to keep the Senate in session all night to get Pompeo confirmed Friday. Senate Democrats had sought to delay the vote over concerns that the nominee had not adequately answered the questions they had posed him during the confirmation process.

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