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Potential Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley jabbed Hillary Clinton by name for the first time on Thursday evening, taking swipes at her for switching her positions on same-sex marriage and immigration.

Speaking to reporters at Harvard University where he gave a speech about the economy, the former Maryland governor called out the Democratic frontrunner with subtle insinuations that she was flip-flopping for political convenience.

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WASHINGTON — It's a given that every Republican presidential candidate will run for president as a strong supporter of gun rights.

But Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is arguing that the Second Amendment includes a right to revolt against government tyranny, a point of emphasis uncommon for mainstream presidential candidates.

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The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) seems to be taking it from all sides.

First, major member businesses left the organization griping about climate change. Then ALEC's spat with liberal advocacy groups became public when those groups published cease and desist letters from ALEC.

Now, the progressive wireless carrier Credo Mobile is refusing to comply with Alec's most recent attempt to gag an opponent.

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