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Yet Another Coleman Witness Admits She Was Cherry-Picked

Jackson also admitted that she didn't sign the ballot envelope. Apparently, a local election workers had placed sticker over the full instructions at the top, but the section requiring the signature was still clearly visible and contained its own self-explanatory certification statement.

"Honestly, I don't know why I didn't sign," said Jackson. "I don't know what the confusion was."

During a press conference after today's proceedings, Coleman attorney Ben Ginsberg lambasted the Franken legal team. "You heard the vicious grilling that the Franken campaign gave the mother of a five month-old about her ballot not being filled out properly," said Ginsberg.

Ginsberg was also asked at the presser about comments earlier today by Coleman lawyer John Rock, about the impossibility of a totally accurate vote count. "I'm not sure that it's possible. If I thought it was possible before, I would have to take the testimony of Mr. Mansky seriously that it's not."

A reporter then asked if the goal is to get a count just accurate enough that Coleman is ahead. "No, no," Ginsberg said. "I mean, I think that at this point the issue is there are a lot of uncounted ballots that were wrongly rejected and should be counted."

(Special thanks to The Uptake for carrying the Ginbserg presser.)