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Yes, America, There Is A Draft Michele Bachmann For President Movement


Who's behind the drive? In November, the Daily Caller's Alex Pappas caught up with the leader of the Bachmann For Speaker campaign. That man was Tim Pierce, a "graphic designer from North Carolina" who told Pappas he came up with the idea of drafting Bachmann for Speaker "when he was discussing the midterms elections with friends at work."

Pierce said he was "never in contact" with Bachmann or her team the last time around.

After the November elections, Bachmann did run for a House leadership position, but she stood back after House Republican leaders like Eric Cantor declined to get on board.

These days she seems determined to run for president no matter what anyone says. This weekend she was up in New Hampshire talking presidential politics (as well as dropping gaffes about the Revolutionary War) and in the recent past has made stops in Iowa and appeared among the possible presidential contenders on the dais at CPAC.

So it's not clear how much of an impact Pierce's petition will have on Bachmann's final decision. But with the 2012 race looming, the drive is at least another sign that Bachmann could take her national tea party stardom to the biggest stage in national politics.