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Worried Rendell To TPMDC: Pa. Senate Race A 'Tossup'


The governor, in his final year in office due to term limits, was a strong Specter supporter. He said that Tuesday, "the twin burdens of incumbency and switching parties was just too much" for Specter. He said the race wasn't a referendum on spending or the bailouts since Specter and Sestak had the same voting record, and thinks President Obama wasn't a factor since they each supported Obama's policies. "There's no difference there," Rendell said.

Despite indications near poll closing time that turnout had surged, fewer than 1 million Democrats or just 25 percent of eligible voters showed up Tuesday. Rendell said he was "very disappointed" by those "pitiful" figures.

Rendell does see a bright spot for the national party in the special election for Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional district, where Democrat Mark Critz easily defeated Republican Tim Burns. "This shows Democrats can and will win tossup districts. I thought Critz would win but I never suspected he'd win by 8 and a half points," Rendell said. "That might be a red flag to all the people who expected Democratic losses this fall."