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Wisconsin Election Officials Sending Staff To Waukesha County


In the unofficial results given by the counties to the Associated Press after the election, Kloppenburg led by 204 votes, and on that basis she declared victory on Wednesday.

But then on Thursday, as the official canvassing process was moving forward -- in which counties review their polling place results from the optical ballot-scan machines, and are likely to make some amount of corrections -- Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus (R) announced that a computer inputting error had resulted in the omission of the town of Brookfield's 14,000-plus votes.

"I'm thankful that this error was caught early in the process and during the canvass," Nickolaus said Thursday, at a press conference in which she was joined by both the Republican and Democratic members of the county canvassing board.

The county's overall adjusted totals gave Prosser a net gain of 7,582 votes -- an unusually high change for a recanvass, which has many Democrats crying foul. Both campaigns have now recruited top-tier attorneys with experience from the epic 2008 Minnesota Senate race recount and litigation, and the Kloppenburg campaign has announced that it will seek all relevant records from Waukesha.

According to WisPolitics, the most up to date total of the official canvass, Prosser has a lead of 7,075 votes -- which is in fact still within the 0.5% margin that would entitle Kloppenburg to request a recount at state and local expense.