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Wisconsin Assembly Passes Walker's Anti-Union Bill


Walker has released this statement:

"I applaud all members of the Assembly for showing up, debating the legislation and participating in democracy," Walker said. "Their action will save jobs, protect taxpayers, reform government, and help balance the budget. Moving forward we will continue to focus on ensuring Wisconsin has a business climate that allows the private sector to create 250,000 new jobs."

When asked for comment, the state Democratic Party sent us this statement from chairman Mike Tate:

It is a shameful day for Wisconsin. Ultimately, our working families will have their day and Scott walker's victory will ring as hollow as his pledges to their wellbeing. Today, the Koch Brothers can pop some champagne. But know that our total focus now is on recall.

The Democratic National Committee has released a statement from chairman Tim Kaine. Key quote:

"The decision by Governor Scott Walker and Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature to use procedural gimmicks and a straight partisan vote to press on with legislation that would take away collective bargaining rights held by Wisconsin public employees for over 50 years is contrary to the state's political traditions, is punitive in nature, and does nothing to address the budget issues that he and his fellow Republicans claimed were at the heart of this legislative dispute."