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Wis. GOP's Fake 'Democrats' To Cost Taxpayers More Than $400K


The key here is that the six recalls were to be scheduled for July 12. (Three more recalls have been scheduled against Democrats, for July 19, and those races have attracted actual, legitimate Republican primaries.) If there were only one Democrat against each one Republican -- and the Dems did indeed originally unite around one candidate in each race -- then the July 12 date would be the general election. But with additional Democrats, the July 12 date would then become the primary, giving the incumbents more time to campaign for a general election on August 9.

Since then, the Democrats came up with their own novel solution to the problem: Running their own fake candidate in the same Dem primaries, too, in order to further disrupt Republican efforts to crash the primaries or to pick and choose which races would go ahead in July and which might wait for August.