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Wis. Elections Staff: Sufficient Signatures To Recall Four (And Counting) GOPers


"So our review is limited to what's on the face of the petition," said Magney. "Is there a signature, a name, and a complete address. We don't check to see whether Joe Smith really lives at 123 Main Street, we don't see whether he's been disqualified from voting, we don't see whether that's really his signature."

The parties and incumbent senators have submitted challenges to the petitions, which the board staff will review before making recommendations to the board itself -- which is composed of retired judges, selected through a non-partisan process.

"The plan is to have those two meetings to review the petitions, and then either at the meting on the 31st or a few days later, the board would issue an order for the recall election to held on the 12th of July," said Magney.