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Wis. Dems To File First Recall Petitions Against GOP State Sen. Dan Kapanke


Shortly before the bill passed in the legislature, Kapanke had said that he expected a recall to happen, though he stood by his position on the issues: "I'm willing to stand up and take that vote."

More recently, he discussed how he has taken solace in religion, declaring to a Republican crowd that "I'm not ashamed to tell you I've read the Bible more than I ever have," and that Walker also focuses on religion: "How can you go wrong following a leader that obviously gets his mission on this earth?"

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's district rankings have demonstrated, Kapanke represents the bluest state Senate district in Wisconsin of any Republican state senator: Obama carried it by over 23 points in 2008, and in the 2010 Republican wave Scott Walker won it by a margin of less than one point.