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Wis. Dem Senator: When Gov. Walker Sits With Us, Then We'll Come Back (VIDEO)


Smith asked: "If the Governor doesn't sit down, will you go back to Madison and get this done, how long will you stay away?"

Erpenbach cheekily replied, "I would love to sleep in my own bed."

When further pressed by the FOX host as to whether their absence could stretch to "days or weeks," Erpenbach elaborated on where he and his party's colleagues stand.

"That is up to the Governor," he said. "When the Governor is willing to sit down and build consensus and look at the legislation, and try and bring us together, that is a great movement forward."

Asked by Smith earlier in the interview what message was being delivered to the students, whose teachers' mass absence has forced school closures, Erpenbach stated, "This is how democracy works and sometimes it's loud."

Watch the video below: