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Wis. Dem Incumbents Out-Fundraise Recall Challengers -- By A Lot


State Sen. Robert Wirch has raised $184,517, and has $141,753 cash on hand. By comparison, GOP candidates Jonathan Steitz and Fred Ekornaas have only raised $21,109 and $4,521, respectively, and have $11,929 and $437 cash on hand.

State Sen. Jim Holperin has raised $337,843, and has $147,858 cash on hand. Holperin's Republican opponents Kim Simac and Robert Lussow have raised $22,251 and $350. Simac has $53,616, thanks to starting the campaign with over $30,000 already on hand -- and Lussow has apparently spent nothing.

In the six races where Republicans are facing recalls, TPM reported last week that the GOP incumbents had out-raised their Democratic challengers, but that the Democrats had more cash on hand going into the final month of the campaign.