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White House Trying to Pave the Way for Triggers with Outside Groups

Newscom / Chuck Kennedy

And Roger Hickey of the Campaign for America's Future told Greg Sargent that, more generally, "[i]t appears to me that the White House is not trying for any other strategy accept [sic] to satisfy Snowe with her version of the trigger."

Progressives on Capitol Hill thus far tell a different story. They say they haven't been approached by the White House in this way (at least not yet) and they remain committed to the proposition that Snowe's trigger proposal will not win their votes.

This isn't the first time that the White House has approached progressive groups to seek their acquiescence on triggers. But the timing of this gambit is pretty interesting. The process is much farther along, and Snowe's vote--first in committee, and then on the Senate floor--are approaching quickly. But so is the arrival of the 60th member of the Democratic caucus, and that should, in theory, diminish the importance of winning Snowe, and endorsing triggers.

I've been warned, as is common, that the situation is very fluid and could change, so I'll report back if and when I hear more.

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