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White House Insists Gibbs Didn't Apologize To Fox


I circled back again, and a White House official was adamant that Gibbs did not apologize. The official insists that doesn't make any sense, since Fox got the interview and there would be no need for an apology.

But Fox pushed the issue this morning on Fox News Sunday, with Chris Wallace charging the White House "now says it was an honest mistake."

Wallace interviewed former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, who said the ongoing battle with Fox seems to be a "coordinated, calculated attack" from the Obama administration. She said it was "unbecoming" behavior for a White House and likened it to Hugo Chavez attacking Venezuela press.

Perino said she was "glad to see the reporters in the room decide to stand up and show solidarity because they could be next."

Late update: We clipped Perino's remarks.

Last week, she offered similar comments about dictators. Here's that clip.